Creating a treasured memory

Whether you’re looking to memorialize a loved one or have one of our past designs re-created, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a Q&A to help with any questions you may have about the process. When you’re ready to get started on your custom project, please submit the request below. 



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What type of work do you do?

We create jewelry in solid gold and sterling silver. We work with yellow, rose, and palladium white gold alloys. We do not work with metals such as steel, copper, bronze, brass, or any kind of plated, coated, or filled metal. We only take on custom projects that fit within or can be made to fit within our aesthetic and body of work and won’t deviate from that. 

How does the custom process work?

The custom process starts with the inquiry below. We ask that you set a budget for yourself prior to sending in an inquiry. Once we receive your request, we look to see if your budget will allow us to design what you’re asking for. We’ll usually give alternative suggestions if needed and ask more questions to determine what direction we can take the project. At this point, we’ll only provide pricing estimates. If you’re comfortable with the rough estimates on pricing and would like to move forward with the project, we require a $500 deposit before any design, research, sourcing, planning, or pricing of style options is done on your project. The deposit is a commitment and lets us know that you’re going to follow through after we put time into outlining the details of your custom project. The remaining balance on the project (once determined) is due within 7 days of paying the deposit. Read more about the custom process here

How much does a custom project cost?

Custom projects start at US $850 in sterling silver and US $1500 in gold. *Some* projects can fall under these minimums depending on what it is, however, most projects will strictly adhere to these minimums.

Please understand that many factors go into what a project costs and there isn’t a one price fits all especially for gold projects. Gold projects will fluctuate in price depending on the karat, size, style, color (white vs. yellow), stone choice, and the metal market.

When approaching a custom project we always want a desirable outcome for everyone involved. We find that budgeting first makes the project more attainable on both ends rather than simply inquiring about how much someone else’s custom project cost them. Please set a budget for yourself and inquire with that number. This will help us determine what can be made for you and will allow us to eliminate time where it’s not needed.

We will only provide project estimates prior to the deposit being made. After the deposit is made, we give several design and style options at different price points. In the end, the client gets to choose what they prefer to have done after balancing style vs. pricing.

Do you use client-provided materials?

At this time, we do not work with client-provided materials outside of memorial projects. Some examples of client-provided materials we do not use would be scrap materials, gold, coins, stones, lockets, etc.

How long does a custom project take?

The timeframe for a custom project depends on the time of the year as well as the project. Typically we need up to 12 weeks and sometimes it can be longer. 


What type of memorial projects do you do?

We do human hair memorials, animal fur memorials, and urns for cremains. We can also work with other things like feathers, whiskers, fabric from a childhood blanket, etc. If you have an idea of something we haven’t done before we are always eager to hear about it. Memorial pieces don’t always have to include these items and can also be designed to represent a loved one in another way.

How much hair or fur do you need?

We can work with any amount of hair or fur that you have. We ideally need the strands to be parallel with one another and kept nicely in an envelope but are always eager to see what you have and how we can use it. Not all projects can be woven due to the length, texture, and thickness (but it can still be used). 

How are your urns filled?

Our memorial urns are designed hollow to house cremains. We seal the jewelry with the cremains inside which means you’ll have to send a small portion to us. We will touch base with you on how and where to send the cremains. In the event that you are planning for a future memorial piece, we can always have the urn come back to us for filling at a later date on some styles. Please let us know if your ashes are ready or not when you inquire as it will affect the design.

How do I send hair, fur and/or ashes?

We have set strict requirements for sending such items. To eliminate risk, hair and fur are required to be overnighted to us via UPS or FedEx. Overnight delivery places extreme urgency and care on its transit. Cremains, whether human or animal, are only permitted to be sent via Priority Mail Express. Depending on your location, we will look into how you can mail these safely to us. We have a few more guidelines to follow depending on your project and location so those will be discussed when you’re ready to send these items to us.

Should I have something made while my pet is still alive?

More than half of our custom pet memorial projects are made to honor pets who are still with us. Having a memorial piece made while you’re grieving can sometimes be really difficult. You also may not be financially in a place to have something made at such a stressful time. If you know a memorial piece is in your future, aim to have these projects done through thoughtful planning rather than waiting until you are forced with it. The thing we hear the most is “I wish I had kept some fur.” Fur clippings are easy to get when your pet is by your side.

We can also make some urns that can be filled at a later date too.

We look forward to creating for you