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Handmade fine jewelry is an art form that we here are so passionate about. Our collection is made for those who seek to tell a story. Each piece is one-of-a-kind — similar to us as beings. It’s to be woven into your everyday life and to speak the things you value. Each piece is made in-house—for you—by our artisan jeweler, Jessie Corigliano.


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Jessie Corigliano

Jessie founded her jewelry brand in 2012 while she was studying graphic design at a local university. She studied for many years looking for a creative outlet; of which she obtained two degrees—a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design (2015) and an Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising (2010) —but the lack of tangibility in both fields left her seeking a career outside of school. About halfway through her undergrad studies at Eastern Washington University, she came to realize that her true artistic heart didn’t lie in illustration or web design, but rather in a more complex process of building a three-dimensional object with her hands. She stumbled upon the art of jewelry design and fabrication at the age of 23 and knew it was something that had the potential to keep her learning and intrigued for life.

Fast forward to the present, Jessie has built a reputable brand around offering meticulously well-crafted pieces. In the latter half of her career, she has developed a truly unique and one-of-a-kind design style that is deeply rooted on history, typography, and nature. Her work is mainly comprised of gold, silver, and precious or semi-precious gemstones. She is primarily known for her unique urn jewelry as well as her monogram jewelry collection.

Jessie’s mission as an artist is to bring an appreciation to handmade fine jewelry. There’s so much more value in something that has been worked by hand and it’s her hope to captivate you with the quality and heart of it all.

Jessie works in her private studio in Washington State.

See what she has been up to on Instagram here! Or take a peek at what’s currently in the online store.